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About BrazilMyCountry.com

BrazilMyCountry.com is an online resource for all things on Brazil. Here I cover all things related to Brazil and you will find first-hand information and facts on this country.

Here you will find:

  • Travel: Get travel tips & information on the different places around Brazil.
  • Destinations/Attractions: Guide to attractions in Brazil & destinations, so you know where to go and what things to do & see in Brazil. Also, I will tell you my favorite destinations & beaches.
  • Hotels: Find a list of hotels in Brazil by city. Search cheap hotels, hostels for backpackers, mid-range to luxury & other accommodation options. Get a list of recommended hotels to stay at by me and other travelers of Brazil.
  • Food & Dining: Find some good restaurants, cafes, bars, or any other great place to eat in Brazil. A list of some of my favorite places to eat in Brazil You can also add your own favorite place to eat or places to avoid. Also, get Brazilian Food recipes and other information.
  • News: Read the Current Brazil News. Get the latest news from Brazil, articles and breaking news straight from our live news wire feed. Also, you will get news on Brazil that the mainstream media doesn’t report on
  • About Brazil/Facts: Before you go to Brazil it is a good idea to learn some facts on Brazil to give you a better understanding of the country. Facts on culture, climate, history & more.
  • My Recent Posts: A list of my recent blog posts, where I cover many topics related to Brazil. Find events, news, interviews, travel tips, different issues on Brazil and many other topics on Brazil.

If you are looking for more resources on Brazil you can also join the social network that I set up for all things on Brazil. Join this growing online community to meet new friends, connect with others living in Brazil or Brazilians living abroad, share info, add photos and more.

Also, note that BrazilMyCountry.com is not a tour agency, nor does it offer tours. It can only point you in the right direction in finding a tour company.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up to date as possible. However, things change, especially in a large country like Brazil.

Any information regarding hotels, restaurants, cities, infrastructure, tours, transportation or any inaccurate information on this site is gratefully received. Please contact me so it can be corrected or updated in order for other visitors of Brazil to have a pleasant experience.

You can also read more about me and this website on my About Me page.

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