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Brazil Carnival Video

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Brazil Carnival Video – Rio

Salvador Brazil Carnival Video

Salvador Brazil Carnival Video

About The Brazilian Carnival
The Brazilian Carnival has often been described as “The World’s Biggest Party.” The carnival in Brazil is the most important event of the year. It happens every year, typically 7 weeks before Easter and it is usually in February, but also sometimes in March.

The carnival of Brazil is celebrated just about every where in the country. It is like a week long non-stop party where there are street festivities, music, dancing and partygoers dressed in costumes and countless balls held in nightclubs across the city are all hallmarks of the carnival in Brazil.

Many cities put on street parades and Samba Parades, such as the Rio de Janeiro carnival, which is the biggest and most famous carnival in Brazil. At the Rio carnival a variety of samba schools dance through the 700 meter long stretch of the Sambadromo, all dressed in elaborate costumes with colorful decorated floats, as thousands of spectators watch….read more

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