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Brazil Facts

Brazil Facts

“Facts of Brazil – Brazil Facts”

Brazil Facts

The Brazil Facts page provides an overview of facts so you can find important facts about Brazil. This section also provides answers to frequently asked questions about Brazil.

For a quick overview on some Brazilian facts, click on the link below to find a page that summarizes all the facts numbers in a quick read format:

Fast Facts on Brazil

Looking for some interesting trivia on Brazil or something more light hearted? You might like this:

Fun Facts About Brazil

If you plan on visiting Brazil someday, it is probably a good idea to learn about its facts, history, climate, and other information to get a better understanding and appreciation of the country. Below are more facts on Brazil and more detailed information on some of the most requested Brazil facts and other information:

Brazilian money Brazilian Currency: Learn about Brazil’s currency called the Brazilian real. Find the current exchange rate for your country. Also, get travel tips, such as where to exchange your money and how to access funds in Brazil.


Brazilian flag
Flag of Brazil: What do the colors on Brazil’s flag mean? Learn some facts about Brazil’s flag and its history.


Brazilian geography
Geography of Brazil: Learn about the geography Brazil, its vast landscape, the Amazon Rainforest, find detailed maps, and learn some interesting facts on the geography of Brazil


Brazilian climate and weather
Climate in Brazil: Learn about Brazil’s climate and weather, its temperatures throughout the year, when it rains, and more.


Brazilian holidays, festivals, events
Holidays in Brazil: List of holidays in Brazil along with events, festivals, & Brazil carnival dates. If you’re planning a trip to Brazil then checkout some of the latest events happening around Brazil.


Brazilian maps
Maps of Brazil: Looking for a Brazil Map? Find a collection of Brazil maps, such as: physical, geographical, political, road map, google map and many other detailed maps of Brazil.


Brazilian language - Portuguese
Language of Brazil: Brazil is the only Portuguese speaking country in South America. Learn about Brazilian Portuguese and its origins. Also, learn some basic phrases and find some great programs, software and apps that makes learning Portuguese easy and fun!


Brazilian music
Music of Brazil: Brazilian music is full of passion and it reflects the very essence and soul of Brazil. The music in Brazil plays a big role in the lives of many Brazilians all around the country.


Brazilian food
Food of Brazil: Brazil is a large country with a mix of culture and cuisine, each region has a different dish and with a mix of cultures of Portuguese, Europeans and other races each state has a lot to offer.


Brazilian fruit
Fruits of Brazil: Brazil is one of the top fruit producing countries in the world, you can find all kinds of fruits in this country. Besides many native fruits, there are a variety of fruits that are not native to Brazil and have been introduced to the country which grows in great abundance.


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