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Brazil Population Map – Population Map of Brazil

Below is a Brazil population map, which shows where the most populated areas of the country are located at.

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Brazilian States by Population
Below is a map of Brazilian states with the population.
Brazilian Population map

The current population of Brazil is 203,429,773 (2011 est.) and currently has an average annual population growth rate of 1.13%. Brazil is the 5th largest populated country in the world after China, India, United States, and Indonesia.

Below is a list of the top 25 most populated cities in Brazil:

Brazil city state population list

Population Density Map of Brazil by State
Below is a population density map of Brazilian states .
Brazil Population map

Population Density of Brazil
The population density map below shows how many people per area.

Brazil Population map - Population Density

Quick Fact:
Brazil is a very diverse country. The Ethnic composition currently consists of: 48.6% White – 43.3% Brown or Multiracial – 6.8% Black – 0.58% Asian – 0.28% Amerindian
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