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There is a variety of Brazil tours to choose from. Some of the most popular is an Amazon Rainforest tour in Brazil. There is also a variety of city tours that many local guides offer. Some other tours include: Brazil Wildlife Viewing and Safari tours, fishing and eco tours, wine tours, bike tours and many other themed tours.

Below are a list of tour packages so that you can get an idea on somethings to do in Brazil. You can click on one of the links to get more information about that type of tour package. Take the time to look at the tour itineraries, schedules, packages and overall tour details to help you plan your own trip to Brazil or other countries in South America.

Brazil Tour Packages

Brazil tours Brazil Tour Packages

Many of the Brazil tour packages feature unique opportunities pertaining to Brazil tourism, that you are not likely to find anywhere else. Browse through them and click on the tour package name to see the tour details. You can contact the travel supplier to: ask questions, order a free brochure, or inquire about availability with no obligations to purchase.

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Brazil Amazon Rainforest Tours

Brazil Amazon rainforest tour Amazon Rainforest & Wildlife Tours

Brazil is home to the Amazon rainforest, the largest tropical rainforest in the world. The Amazon has the planet’s greatest biodiversity of plant species and wildlife. It is home to monkeys, pink dolphins, birds, thousands of species of fish & insects, and more. Parts of the Amazon can easily be visited and has become one of the top Brazil tourism destinations for those seeking ecotourism.

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Riverboat Tour

Riverboat Amazon Brazil tour Riverboat Tours

Spend a day or two or even a week floating down the majestic Amazon river. You’ll encontour numerous wildlife such as pink river dolphins, monkeys, birds and much more. There is a range of Amazon riverboat tours to choose from. Enjoy a relaxing cruise in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest from the comfort of a yacht or other options.

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Eco Lodges

Eco lodge Brazil Amazon rainforest tour Eco Lodges

Experience the nature of the Amazon Rainforest by staying at an eco lodge. Travelers can expect quality service, excellent food, warm hospitality and spectacular jungle scenery. Amazon jungle lodges cater to all sorts of travelers’ such as: bountiful fishing, waking up to the chattering of monkeys and birds, enjoying the vibrant sounds of rainforest nights, and having contact with indigenous peoples.

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Brazil Language Schools

Brazil language schools - learn Portuguese Learn Portuguese

Learn the Portuguese language and live in Brazil. The best way to learn Portuguese is going directly to Brazil where you can learn Portuguese through language and cultural immersion. Learn Portuguese while exploring the many tourist attractions of Brazil. There is a variety of language schools that offer a unique and exciting new approach to learning and practicing Portuguese.

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Rio de Janeiro City Tour

Rio de Janeiro city tour Rio de Janeiro City Tour

Tour the marvelous city and see Rio’s many famous attractions. Rio is known for its beaches, carnival, nightlife and its breathtaking landscape. It has many iconic sights such as Sugar Loaf Mountain, the Christ Redeemer statue on Corcovado mountain and the famous Copacabana & Ipanema beaches.

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  1. From 4/8-4/18/17 (dates flexible within but not without that time frame), I would like to bring my 6 year old daughter to Rio, Iguazu, Amazon, Patanal, Salvador beaches, Rio de Prata, Lencois Marenheses National Park, and Fernando de Noronha. We don’t have to hit ALL the spots but if we can hit as many as possible in the least amount of distance covered, we would be delighted. Can you please set an itinerary that includes accommodations, tour guide, and transport from hotel and in between cities?

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