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Welcome to the Brazilian Fashion section, covering a variety of topics related to fashion in Brazil. You will find the latest events, fashions styles & trends, from designer clothing in Brazil, Brazilian bikinis, Brazilian jeans, models & more.


Fashion & Modeling

Sao Paulo Fashion week in Brazil
Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Sao Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW) is Latin America’s premier fashion show where top Brazilian models and designers unite to showcase their upcoming collection. It is held in Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo, at Ibirapuera Park. The event takes place twice a year, one in January, featuring the Fall collection, and June with Spring/Summer collection.

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Brazilian Supermodels
Brazilian Models

Brazilian supermodels have dominated the fashion industry over the last decade, see photos & learn about some of the top Brazilian models.

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Brazilian Clothing & Beachwear

Brazilian Bikini
The Brazilian Bikini

The Brazilian bikini is known for its sexy & fashionable look that is worn by Brazilian women at the
beaches of Brazil. If you are ever at one of the many beaches of Brazil, such as the famous Copacabana or Ipanema, you’ll notice the many colorful, and beautifully designed bikinis on many different women. In Brazil, the bikini is much different from other countries. Brazilian bikinis come in a variety of styles and cuts.

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Brazilian designer clothes
Brazilian Designer Clothes

Checkout some of the latest trends & hottest clothes from some of the top Brazilian designers. Also, learn about the different Brazilian fashion designers and the clothing brands in Brazil.

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Brazilian jeans
Brazilian Jeans

Brazilian jeans are generally known for its form-fitting, that contours to the curves of the woman’s body and accentuates her body type. Brazilian jeans are also known for being low cut, which means that the top of the jeans curves at or below the hips. There are numerous styles of Brazilian jeans that come in a variety of cuts & styles. From low-rise jeans to the Brazilian butt-lift jeans and moletom jeans, which is a type of stretchable fabric that is worn as jeans by girls that go to funk clubs. I’ll take a look at these different styles of Brazilian jeans.

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Recent News & Posts on Brazilian Fashion

Macy's Brasil a magical journey

Macy’s Launches Brasil: A Magical Journey
Macy’s, one of the the largest mid- to high-range department store chains in the United States just recently launched this week called “Brazil: A Magical Journey,” a big, colorful, two-month-long promotion that spotlights exciting aspects of Brazilian culture and features Brazilian fashion clothing and lifestyle products of Brazil.

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