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Brazilian Jeans - Brazil Jeans

All around the world Brazilian jeans have influenced many international designers because of their fashionable, stylish and sexy appearance.

When it comes to jeans, Brazil is often considered the jeans capital of the world, as many designers constantly come up with a variety of designs and new styles each year.

Brazilian jeans are considered to be the sexiest jeans on the planet and are being worn today by many women from around the world and you’ll find many Hollywood celebrities wearing Brazilian style jeans.

So what makes Brazilian jeans so special?
If you are ever in Brazil, you’ll notice the various styles and colorful jeans on many different women. Brazilian jeans are designed with the women’s body in mind, to enhance the figure and give the woman a beautiful shape.

Brazilian style jeans are known as low cut & low-rise that hug the hips and enhance the bum, giving the bum a more sensual, fuller and sexy appearance.

However, Brazilian jeans come in numerous styles & cuts. Let’s have a look at the different styles of Brazilian Jeans.

Brazilian butt lift Jeans - Brazilian jeans

Brazilian butt lift jeans
These jeans are designed to do what the Brazilian Butt lift surgery does (without the fat injections though…lol), which is to lift the butt!

These jeans are designed to lift the bum to give it a fuller and sexy appearance. Brazilian butt lift jeans are cut & sewn in a certain way as to lift and shape the bum without any padding. As a result, it enhances the figure of the bum and gives the wearer a more fashionable and more sensual appearance.

There are other types of butt lift jeans that use padding with a hidden panel in the fabric, which are designed to give the butt an attractive shape. But, true Brazilian butt lift jeans are sewn in a certain way that lift and shape the bum without the padding. (Sure beats surgery!)

Brazilian Moleton Jeans
Brazilian Jeans - Brazil moleton stretch jeans

Known as moleton or stretch jeans, these type of Brazilian jeans are tight fighting, stretchable jeans that hug and
enhance the curves of the body, giving the figure a more sexy appearance.

The fabric of these type of Brazilian jeans are known as moleton, which is a stretchable fabric. It may have the appearance of regular denim jeans, but in fact it is very different because it is softer & very stretchable. Unlike normal denim, this type of fabric has elasticity, allowing freer motion as it contours to the movements of the body and makes it much more comfortable to wear compared to normal denim jeans.

These type of Brazilian jeans originated from girls that attend funk nightclubs in Brazil. Funk is a type of dance music in Brazil. The girls that attend these funk nightclub wear these type of jeans to allow them to have freer motion and comfort while dancing, and ultimately to make themselves look sexy.

Many designers have taken note of these type of jeans for their comfort and alluring appearance and have become quite popular throughout Brazil and worldwide.

Besides these type of jeans, Brazilian jeans come in a variety of styles and cuts and there are also many other types of jeans that are common in Brazil. Brazilians wear many other styles of jeans that are popular worldwide. You’ll find skinny & straight leg jeans, low-rider fit, boot-cut styles, and jeans that come in a variety of different colors.

Brazilian Pant Size Chart

If you are ever in Brazil looking for some authentic Brazilian jeans, here is a size chart guide for pant sizes. But, the best way of finding your correct size is just by trying the jeans on!

Brazilian Pant size chart - Brazil Jean size chart

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