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Brazil’s “Snake Island” Is Full of Deadly Snakes

Ilha da Queimada Grande Brazil

Located on the coast of Brazil, about 35 km off the coast of Sao Paulo, the Ilha de Queimada Grande has no beaches and is surrounded by rocks and cliffs, which makes it quite a tricky landing spot.

Uninhabited and access restricted to authorized environmental analysts and scientists, the island’s Area of Relevant Ecological Interest.

There is interest from scientists and other divers to transform the island into a Marine National Park and also protect a band two nautical miles around the island, where there are corals and various species of fish and turtles, and currently is sought by fishermen.

Ilha da Queimada Grande Brazil snake island

The island is very beautiful, with flora and fauna virtually untouched, irregular topography, vegetation of tall trees and caves, but it is not just his beauty that stands as one of the great places of our planet … in 2010 and 2011, the site Listverse.com, specializing in making lists on various subjects, choose the island as the worst place in the world to visit, ahead of the contaminated area of Chernobyl, the Door to Hell (a natural gas field in Derweze), and mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan .

But what makes this beautiful island such a terrible place? Well, it is known as “snake island”.

Isolated from the mainland some 10,000 years ago, the island has been taken over by snakes!

Researchers estimate that there are atleast one snake per square meter currently living on the island. As the island has approximately 430,000 m², we can calculate that live on the island of 430,000 to just over 2 million snakes!

Ilha da Queimada Grande snake island

The problem is that it is not any kind of snake … snakes that inhabit the Ilha de Queimada Grande are Golden Lancehead vipers and scientists say it is one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

The Golden Lancehead snake is a super poisonous reptile whose bite causes bleeding orifices, brain hemorrhaging, and kidney failure. In Brazil it accounts for over 90% of deaths from snake bites.

Ilha da Queimada Grande snake island brazil

On this isolated and rocky island, there are no mammals, snakes on the island have learned to climb trees to catch migratory birds, which is not natural in species of the continent … And to get even more tense, with the evolution of years their venom has become even stronger to cause instant death to avoid falling prey at sea. In addition, the snake is able to blend in with the vegetation, making the island a very dangerous place.

Even with the dangers of the island, the place is much sought after by fishermen and divers, since the clear waters of the west side of the island allow good visibility 30-40 feet deep, perfect for diving and exploring the two merchant vessels there are shipwrecked: the Rio Negro , which sank in 1893, and Tocantins , which sank in 1933.

Ilha da Queimada Grande

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