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Flavors of Brazil

Flavors of Brazil – Learn about the cuisines and foods of Brazil. All about Brazilian food, drinks, fruits, coffee and more …

Brazilian Food

Brazilian food
Brazilian Food

Brazil is a large country with a mix of culture and cuisine, each region has a different dish. Brazilian food varies by region.

Learn about the food of Brazil, typical Brazilian dishes and what Brazilians eat

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Fruits of Brazil

Fruits of Brazil

Brazil is one of the top fruit producing countries in the world, you can find all kinds of fruits in this country.

Besides many native fruits, there are a variety of fruits that are not native to Brazil and have been introduced to the country which grows in great abundance, such as oranges and kiwi.

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Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian Coffee

Learn all about Brazilian coffee. Brazil is one of the top producing countries in the world for coffee beans. The country supplies nearly 30% of the coffee beans around the world.

Also, Brazilians love to drink coffee …

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