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   Brasilia may be known as the capital of Brazil but it is more than that. It is a scene of marvel, excellence, imageries and extreme freshness. It is Brazil’s 4th most populated city. The city is located atop the Brazilian highlands in the country’s center-western region. It was founded on April 21, 1960, to serve as the new national capital. Its delicate area feel, artistic urban plan and architectural wonders made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city’s striving plans, mainly the work of Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, caused an impression with its avant-garde and futuristic architecture and its pioneering city planning ideals.

The city was planned as a whole and not in pieces so the development took place all at once which makes it easy to identify and see as everything is on the same time map and scale and even the same vision.

October is said to be the best time of the year to visit this amazing city because October brings certain freshness with a mixture of rain and sunshine. Rainfalls vary from short to long from February to November so October is the safest bet. Brasilia is a cosmopolitan area with a mixture of wonders, arts and people. Brasilia is perhaps best known for its architectural beauties.

Main City Attractions:

1.     Palácio da Alvorada

Palácio da Alvorada

It is the official presidential residence that was inaugurated in 1958.  Its translations as ‘Palace of the Dawn,’ in reference to description of Brasília as ‘a new dawn in Brazilian history.’ The place is very simple but architecturally strong. The gates have special dragons as dragons of independence. Local tours are given on Wednesdays.

2.     Templo da Boa Vontade

It is a temple in the city that was opened in 1989. It was made by the Legion of Goodwill to act as a symbol of universal peace and solidarity. The place is a visual wonder with almost 7 pyramids along with the biggest raw crystal known to mankind. The white and black path must be walked bare feet and it’s a beautiful contrasting effect.  Go there to feel fresh, nourished and to take loads of pictures.

3.     Parque Nacional de Brasília

It is the national park of Brasilia that boasts loads of greenery and animal life. It goes on and covers 28,000 hectares in the northwest part of the city, protecting a number of different environments, including the low and crooked trees of the cerrado, the bush steppe of the Brazilian interior, expanses of scrub and grassland. The mineral springs are the park’s greatest attractions. Various kinds of birds, rheas, wild pigs, giant armadillos, capybaras, pampas deer, rare maned wolves, jaguars, caimans, anacondas and snakes are found here. It just a place that cannot be missed.

4.     Monumento JK:

President Kubitschek Memorial is one of the city’s wonderful highlights that every tourist must visit. The monument was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and many consider it among his finest works. Along with Kubitschek’s tomb there is also a museum that boasts his vision and life. You will also find various exhibits based on his life. You will also find his plans for the city of Brasilia with plan maps, construction photographs and references. It is a white dramatic monument that encapsulates the simplicity and life of the man.

Memorial JK

5.     Congresso Nacional (National Congress)

It may sound like another governmental place but when in a city based on ruling, this is the best you can find. It is pair of buildings housing the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil (the lower house) and the Senate, along with their offices. The office shapes are referred to as flying saucers, separating them by a pair of sharply linear rectangular towers. You will find a wonderful lawn, garden, a great pool and loads of area to walk and photograph in this architectural giant.

6.     Santuario Dom Bosco (Sanctuary of Dom Bosco)

It is a city highlight that you cannot miss. It is really a church of São João Bosco is dedicated to the 19th-century Italian priest canonized in 1934, whose vision of the foundation of a Utopian capital city in the New World near the 15th parallel is considered the inspiration for Brasilia. From its tall frames, color and stained glasses, this church is a marvel to look at and roam about. You will peace here and a huge crowd too. The windows make up most of the walls, and an enormous chandelier is made of more than 7,000 pieces of Murano glass and the designs take heavy inspirations from art.

7.     Museum of Indigenous

People gives a special inside look at the life and culture of the people of Brazil and Brasilia. Its outstanding collection of native Brazilian art and artifacts not only records pre-colonial native culture but celebrates the living traditions of Brazil’s indigenous peoples today. The building itself is an architectural beauty that must be celebrated with its white and round shape like a dome and exquisite entrance. From feather headdresses to pottery and baskets, this place is a great place to dive deep in the culture.

8.     Street Food

While moving around the city, do not ignore the street food, cafes and restaurants. One of the highlights of travelling is to experience different tastes, food and delicacies. From local salads and spices to international twists, you will find amazing food options here. Brazilian spices mixed with meat and bread are quite popular and so are the chips that are specially made and vary from one place and spice to the other.

9.     Cultural Center

The cultural center is a great place to hang out. It is one of the most important contemporary museum houses fascinating exhibitions in two galleries, an indie cinema, a cafe and a bookstore. It’s a very easy running and smooth place that gives off very indie vibes to the people, making the place easy to love.

10.         Torre de TV (Television Tower)

It is a 224-meter-tall Brasilia TV Tower which gives an entire layout of the wonderful city. With many colors and a huge walking space, you can mingle with locals and other tourists and take pictures of the wonderful landscapes that you will witness.

11.           The Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge

The bridge was the third bridge to be constructed over the city’s central lake, and is the most beautiful, featuring three graceful arches. It was designed by Alexandre Chan and Mario Vila to complement Brasilia’s existing architecture, but also has a slightly quirky individuality. Its beauty, unique shape and vision with the lake and water makes it’s a wonderful spot to visit.

Attractions Nearby Brasilia:

1.     Cristalina

It is a small town in the state of Goiás, Cristalina is only 84 miles from Brasilia. Th town is largely famous for its shops, gifts and extremely precious gems. There are also areas for hiking that showcase unusual rock formations.  Most gift shops can help you to hire guides who are available on short notice. A day’s trip here can be a breath of fresh air.

2.     Pirenópolis

It is a restored colonial city located in the state of Goias, 80 miles from Brasilia.  The first thing you see when driving into town is the oldest church in Goiás, Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário de MeiaPonte. From its amazing small shops to stone carved streets, it gives you a fresh Mediterranean feel that offers many different adventures; trekking, mountain biking, rafting, canoeing, horse-back riding and rappelling are just some of the options.

3.     Chapada Imperial

It is this ecologic reserve is located about 35 miles out of Brasilia and is full of stunning waterfalls and natural swimming pools. With amazing clear waters and lakes, you can swim and bathe and get a chance to appreciate nature even better. It is not an easy ride there so be prepared to go in a tour group with snacks.

4.     Itiquira Falls

It is also a beautiful place near the city and also the most regularly visited falls and has the most infrastructures. Located 75 miles from Brasilia on a paved road (it is north of Formosa) this is the highest accessible waterfall in Brazil. The park also has other water wonders and a great restaurant to offer.

itiquira Falls




Getting Around:

Getting around the city can be very easy. You can fly in or take a car to the city. You will easily find bus tours and guides that can help you to get to places within the city or can also find normal buses. You can also rent a car but it is preferred that you save money and use the bus to see the beauty of the city. You may need to walk a lot but that is a great way to see the city too.

For moving around Brasilia to moving outside Brasilia, you can easily find trains and you can also rent a car. Here renting a car would mean a mini road trip which is the best way to see inside and around Brasilia with your company or even alone. It is not hard to find transportation in the city, all you need is a free mind and be ready to explore.

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