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How to Plan Your Stay During the Rio Olympics

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The Rio Olympics are almost around the corner, with the opening ceremony  scheduled for August 5th. A large inflow of tourists – from Brazil and elsewhere –  is expected to attend the games. Travelers who wish to attend the event are therefore advised to book and plan for the stay as soon as they can. Prices of air tickets will escalate during the Rio Olympics.

In order to ensure an affordable cost, it is recommended to explore alternative options such as booking a flight for São Paulo and then taking a bus to Rio. Travellers wishing to combine the Olympics with holidays in Brazil could also fly to a different destination first, or get to Rio several days before the Games begin. A further restriction is that Santos Dumont Airport, the busiest airport in Rio de Janerio, may be shut for some time during the sailing competition which will take place in Guanabara Bay. This is likely to have an impact on flight schedules for other destinations in Brazil. Owing to the high demand, it will be key for travellers to book smart. We can recommend these of tips and tricks on how to find cheap flights and how to plan your trip. Once your flights are booked, the next task is to book tickets for the various events.

The first two rounds of ticket releases are already over and the tickets can now be purchased on first come first served basis with the help of an official reseller. The venue for the events include four key areas such as Barra, Copacabana, Maracanã and Deodoro. You must plan your itinerary while assessing time taken to travel between the venues and passing through various security checks. While booking an accommodation, it is best to plan one near event venues. One of the best options is to book in the Zona Sul (South Zone). The region has an efficient transport system and best sightseeing locations. However the highest sequence of events will be seen in Barra. The new subway line that connects centre and tourist locations of Rio with western Barra will make travel easier. Travellers staying in Barra can move to south and centre city for sightseeing and game events. It may be a good idea to spend substantial time in Zona Sul which has many events and attractive tourist spots. In both zones, the accommodation has limited rooms available.

Travellers can book one through Airbnb which is an official partner for Summer Olympics. Other apartment rental websites might be in less demand though and offer better deals, so do also check out Wimdu, Roomorama or Housetrip. Another option is Pousadas which is a good choice for personalized stay. It is advised to confirm the rates beforehand to avoid later surprises. While you may enjoy the historic games in Rio, do not forget to enjoy the attractive tourist spots in the city. Landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain are worth visiting during the games. A safer touring option is with a private walking tour which allows you to move around the city easily with a dedicated guide. Whatever you plan to do, make sure you plan your Brazil holidays early to make the best of your stay in Rio during the 2016 Olympics.

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