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How Brazil Olympics 2016 brought in a fresh wave of change!


An Overview of Brazil Olympics 2016

Brazil is a beautiful and diverse country that is popular for the amazing holiday experience and rich cultural vibe it offers. Tourism in Brazil has always been one of the most significant factors contributing to the growth and economy of the country. Brazil Olympics 2016, proved to be another feather in this already glorious hat!

Brazil Olympics 2016 or the 2016 Summer Olympics, commonly referred to as the Rio 2016, was a major international sporting event that drove the world’s attention to the beauty, charm and energy of Brazil. With 205 National Olympic Committees, and more than 11,000 athletes took part and graced the country. The events took place at 33 different venues in Rio.

 Some numbers

The Brazil Olympics 2016 will forever be remembered for the 27 world records and 91 Olympic records that were set during the Rio 2016.

Rio has become the first South American city to host the prestigious event and the first games in a Portuguese speaking country. The venues for the sporting events were decided with the specific aim that each athlete requires not more than 10 minutes to reach the venue. The athletes’ village is believed to be the largest in Olympic history! All infrastructure, security measures and amenities built for the Olympics greatly enhanced the event and made it a seamless one! With the theme of ‘Green Games for a Blue Planet’, the organizing committee focused on sustainability and environmental protection for all the organizational activities. In fact, a significant part of the opening ceremony was dedicated to dealing with the climate change issue. With a very large number of volunteers, coming forward, the organization committee greatly benefitted from a great volunteer response.

 The venture

The grand and mesmerizing opening ceremony of Rio 2016 was directed by Daniela Thomas, Andrucha Waddington and Fernando Meirelles. The ceremony showed parts of the history and culture of Brazil. Environmental conservation and global warming were also highlighted and touched upon during the opening ceremony. The closing ceremony was equally well directed and beautiful. The cultural presentations from Brazil and Japan (following host country) kept the audiences enthralled. It was a rainy day but the beautiful ceremony made the atmosphere heightened!

After the success of Rio 2016, tourism in Brazil has seen a positive change. More and more people are interested in experiencing the rich culture and diversity that Brazil offers to one and all!

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