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In and Around Rio during the 2016 Summer Olympics

The number of visitors expected in Rio de Janeiro to support the 2016 Summer Olympics will reach hundreds of thousands. The show includes the Maracana stadium that will host the opening and the final celebrations downtown, the Copacabana beach where rowing, road cycling and beach-volley games will be held as well as the Barra de Tijuca, a suburb in the south that encompasses a number of new venues.

The Rio Summer Olympics take place in a single city, as per the Olympics tradition.  Rio, a favourite destination for holidays in Brazil, has already started to get ready for the games since 2009 when it gained the right to host the event. The city has invested in new highways, bike roads, sidewalks and utilities, a light rail, transit systems for buses and a huge waterfront development named Porto Maravilla. Considering how the city adores the Carnival, many people think that the Olympics are going to produce chances for a number of extra-sporting events and entertainment on the beach.

How to best travel to Rio for the Olympics

From Europe, there are numerous direct flights to Rio – among others, British Airways and TAM fly from London, and so do Air France from Paris or Lufthansa from Frankfurt, Iberia from Madrid or KLM from Amsterdam. From the US, all the major airlines will have direct flights to Rio as well – from New York City, Miami, Atlanta or Houston. When the Games start, you must be prepared to find these tickets double priced, at least, so make sure you plan your trip adequately and book early! 

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Rio Olympics tickets and packages

Game tickets start at nearly £8 and you can buy them on the Rio Olympics official website. The official organization known as the “reseller” in the Rio 2016 Olympics, Cosport can be contacted to buy a package for the hotel-plus-entrance. Cosport sells via a number of agents. You can, for instance, purchase packages of four nights in mid August 2016 at a four-star hotel in Copacabana, with the price around £5,900 ($9,000) including tickets for excursions and transfers, golf, basketball, swimming, and athletics, for 2 people.

Vacation rentals in Rio

As the “Official Alternative Accommodation Services Supplier”, Airbnb now provides nearly a thousand of private vacation rental choices in Rio. Prices vary from affordable to luxury options. You may book a tiny flat for £25 ($38) per night in Copacabana outside the high season. You may also pay £3,000 ($4,500) per night for a penthouse of five bedrooms in a leafy neighborhood called Laranjeiras when the Olympic Games start.

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Excursions from Rio

Spectators of the Games who desire to visit other destinations than Rio and its surroundings have a number of options.

The Costa Verde is situated in the south of Rio and it hosts a swathe of shores that are forest-fringed.Paraty, a colonial town, trendy funky Ilhabela, or car-free Ilha Grande are fascinating alternatives with beautiful coastlines and first-class restaurants and hotels.

North of Rio are the beach resorts of Buzios and Cabo Frio – Buzios remains popular with VIPs, celebrities, and has nothing to envy to Cannes or St Tropez. Cabo Frio, on the other hand, is more popular with middle-class cariocas (Rio residents).

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Yet, some visitors may wish to spend most of their Brazil holidays in the city during the Games. This is not a bad idea either – as Rio offers some of the most magnificent beaches in South America, multiple attractions – and the party will certainly never stop during the 2016 Olympics.


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