Galeria do Rock

Galeria do Rock (Gallery of Rock) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Galeria do Rock (Gallery of Rock) is a shopping center located in the downtown area of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The shopping center has five floors with 450 businesses, nearly 200 are devoted to the world of rock and other musical styles such as hip hop, funk and others.

Galeria do Rock (Gallery of Rock) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
(photo: The Galeria do Rock has five floors with 450 businesses)

You can find CDs, records, videos, shirts, accessories, posters and decorative items. There are also piercing and tattoo studios and headquarters of fan clubs, like the the Beatles, Sepultura, and Raul Seixas. The are also other types of clothing stores, hairdressing salons, opticians, tailors, shoe stores and other establishments.

This shopping center was first opened in 1963 and throughout its history a variety of famous musicians
have visited this mall such as: Kurt Cobain, Bruce Dickinson, Tarja Turunen and others.

Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm & Saturday from 9h to 5pm.

Getting There
Metro subway: Republica or Anhangabau metro station at Line 3 – Red (See Metro subway map)

Galeria do Rock
Av. Sao Joao, 439
Sao Paulo, SP – Brasil

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