Rua Jose Paulino

Rua Jose Paulino shopping district - Sao Paulo, Brazil

The street known as Rua Jose Paulino in the Bom Retiro district of Sao Paulo is a popular street for shopping.

The street is well-known for its many shops selling fashionable clothing at low prices. You’ll find about 400 stores stretched along this street with a variety of shops selling the latest fashion collection at cheap prices.

Rua Jose Paulino shopping district - Sao Paulo, Brazil

The majority of the stores are dedicated to women’s clothing and accessories, but there is also some clothing stores for men and children.

During the week, the stores along Rua Jose Paulino usually only sell wholesale to owners of clothing stores in Sao Paulo or people buying in bulk.

Saturday is the only day that stores sell retail, so getting there early is a must to find the best deals as it gets
very busy. Stores are open Monday through Friday, from 9h to 18h. And on Saturdays, from 8h to 13h.

Also, each year the stores of the Bom Retiro neighborhood organize a fashion show. This yearly event is setup along the street where models walk the catwalk and showcase the latest Spring/Summer and Autum/Winter collections.

The street is very easy to reach, where you can reach it by Sao Paulo’s Metro subway by getting off at Estacao da Luz (Luz Station), and then it is a short five minute walk from there.

Getting There
Metro subway: Luz Station at Line 1 – Blue and Line 4 – Yellow (See Metro subway map)

Rua Jose Paulino
Bom Retiro – Sao Paulo, SP – Brasil

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