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Museu Anchieta

Patio do Colegio – Pateo do Collegio
Museu Anchieta

Patio do Colegio - Pateo do Collegio - Museu Padre Anchieta - Sao Paulo, Brazil
(photo: The site known as Patio do Colegio, the courtyard & the church to the left)

Pateo do Collegio (also written as Patio do Colegio) is the site where the city was founded in 1554. It refers to the historical courtyard where the Jesuit church, named Basilica Jose de Anchieta and school is located at in the city center of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

It was here on January 25, 1554, Jesuit missionaries Manuel da Nobrega and Jose de Anchieta established the village known Sao Paulo dos Campos de Piratininga and set up their mission school aimed at converting the Tupi-Guarani indigenous people to the Catholic faith.

At first, the church & school building were basically a hut covered with palm leaves and was about ninety square meters in size or, as described by Anchieta, ten by fourteen steps. In 1556, under father Afonso Bras, new buildings of the school and church were finished using taipa de pilao (rammed earth), a more solid technique. These buildings became the center of spiritual and educational life in the settlement in the next couple of centuries.

In 1759, the Jesuits were expelled from Brazil and the buildings were taken over by the colonial governors of Sao Paulo. The buildings served as administrative functions from 1765 into the 20th century and the buildings were greatly modified during these times and in 1896 the church collapsed.

In 1953, during the celebrations of the city’s 400th anniversary, the site was given back to the Jesuit society. The church was rebuilt with some fragments of the old church and the church and school facade were given back their colonial look.

Today, the Patio do Colegio is administered by the Society of Jesuits. The site is home to several cultural and religious activities. It houses a museum, the church, a thematic library and social projects.

The church has daily mass at noon and on Sundays mass is at 10am. The site also offers religious courses and there are free cultural activities. Adults can enjoy orchestras and choirs, as children participate in a series of art workshops, story time, and puppet shows.

Museu Padre Anchieta - Patio do Colegio - Sao Paulo, Brazil
(photo: Museu Anchieta, located inside the church at Patio do Colegio)

Museu Padre Anchieta
(Father Anchieta Museum)

Inside the church, there is a chapel that houses the clothing of Jose de Anchieta, in addition to his own femur. The church also houses a museum, called Museu Padre Anchieta (Father Anchieta Museum).

The museum features the history of the life of Father Jose de Anchieta and contains more the 600 items including colonial paintings, altarpieces and sculptures, documents, explanatory texts, maps and information on other historical Jesuit characters.

Museum Anchieta hours:
Tuesday-Friday from 9am-4:30pm
Museum Entrance Fee:
Adults: R$6.00
Students in private schools, students and teachers: R$3.00
Students in public schools (elementary and middle school): R$2.00
Pensioners, seniors, children under 7 years old and disabled: free

Biblioteca Padre Antonio Vieira (Father Antonio Vieira Library)
Also located at the site is a library, called Biblioteca Padre Antonio Vieira, it was officially inaugurated on April 8, 2002, and specializes in the history of Brazil and the Society of Jesuits. It consists of 8,000 books already cataloged, 160 periodical titles, as well as documents, photographs and slides of various origins.

Patio do Colegio – Museu Padre Anchieta
Pateo do Collegio, 2
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3105-6899
Metro subway: Se metro station at Line 1 – Blue & Line 3 – Red (See Metro subway map)

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