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Solar City Tower – A Gigantic Solar Waterfall for the 2016 Rio Olympics

solar city tower waterfall

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was selected to host the Olympic games in 2016 and they have one big project that can change the look of Rio de Janeiro. One structure being proposed for the Olympics is a gigantic solar waterfall that will get the attention of all the people coming to watch the Olympic games in Rio.

Called the Solar City Tower, this architecture structure is proposed be one of the centerpieces of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio that will help power the Olympic village.

solar city tower waterfall - 2016 olympics - rio de janeiro, brazil

This project was designed by Swiss architecture firm RAFAA. If the project ever moves forward, the tower will be placed with solar panels that will produce energy for the Olympic village by day, with surplus energy used to pump seawater into the tower.

Then the water can be released to drive turbines and generate electricity at night. On special occasions the water can also be pumped over the edges of the tower to create what the architects call an “urban waterfall”.

The Solar City Tower is designed to be very eye-catching, and would feature an amphitheatre, cafeteria and shops on the ground level. Also, for those who like to have some adventure you will be able to climb up inside it, see amazing views and there will even be a bungee jumping platform

2016 olympics - rio de janeiro, brazil - solar city tower waterfall

The Solar City Tower will offer amazing viewing of the beauty of Rio de Janeiro from a variety observation decks and an elevator will take visitors to a 360° view of Rio de Janeiro’s landscape.

solar city tower water fall - 2016 olympics - rio de janeiro, brazil

The Solar City Tower project is a proposed project that was chosen in the International Architecture Competition for the 2016 Olympics. The project will represent the green city of the future. If this project works out this could be a second iconic structure in Rio de Janeiro after the giant Cristo Redentor statue.

The Solar City Tower is proposed to be located on Cotunduba Island that sits at the entrance to Guanabara Bay. There it would act as a recognizable landmark for visitors arriving into Rio by air or sea.

solar city tower water fall in rio de janeiro brazil

How The Solar City Tower works

The Solar City Tower will be a be a 105 meter (345 foot) structure that will have solar panels around its base. This self-sustaining tower will be solar powered from Rio’s vast supply of sunshine to create renewable energy for use in the Olympic Village as well as the city of Rio.

Any excess power not used during the day is utilized to pump seawater into a storage tank within the tower. At nightfall, the water will be released through turbines, generating hydro-electricity.

For special occasions, the turbine will pump seawater into the tower and then shoot it back out to sea, creating a waterfall effect in the middle of the ocean or what many call an “urban waterfall.”

solar city tower design - rio - brazil

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